You can book a Grown Up Party at the above telephone numbers or at the contact page.

The Oliver's Reservation Manager will inform you for the details and the availability.



Oliver is a welcoming spot not only for children, but also for grown ups.


And  by that we don’t mean only parents ...


Oliver with its  quiet and cosy spots can host an adults birthday party (or maybe a party without any special occasion), a school reunion  or a  dinner - drink on a weekly base with mates!


Book the date you wish in advance and we will take care of the rest.


Events, Parties, Reunions, Bussiness Meetings, everything happens at Oliver's.

Monday to Thursday:

08:30 to 10:00

Friday - Saturday:

08:30 to 11:00

09:00 to 10:00

 (+30) 210-89.86.066

Phone :

(+30) 210-89.86.021

Email @ Oliver :

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