Gardening activities, organic farming and all the secrets of the garden

will learn in Oliver!

Constantina and Myrsine (SVOURES) fill our hours with a different game. at a time. Too many games that are linked together to intermingle with art - such as dance and theater - taking us, through the power of imagination, where we want to be!

With the help of an experienced Oliver's Chef and qualified staff, we make the art of cooking ... into a game!  Come, learn all delicious secrets of cooking, and start to make awesome foods with your friends!

Specialized wall - painting by Oliver is the kids painting canvas and the perfect spot for us to "prove" to our little friends, that we all hide inside them a fantastic painter.


We love games, but we want them to be related to creativity, learning and even sports.


So Oliver’s team organizes regularly, with the help of specialized associates, different  activities aimed at entertainment, expression skills and creativity.


Kids and adults come along, to learn how to care for your garden or even your favorite plant, to  make paper creations in any shape you wish, colour our "blackboard"  wall, dance to the rhythms from different parts of the world, do gymnastics, play or watch theater, read fairy tales and generally express openly and without shame your unique talent.


The aim of  Oliver’s activities  is to develop the skills of each child, and  improve their perception through discussion, and many joyful games.


Here at Oliver's we love action, and therefore the........ activities!

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