Meet Oliver and his awesome friends !

Have you ever thought of a place that could combine children with relaxation?


A place where kids and grown ups can enjoy themselves creatively,  safely  and without fuss? There aren’t many times when young parents can enjoy the company of  their friends or even be able to spend some time on their own as a couple.


Oliver is here to harmoniously combine all age groups and ...all types of parties!  Located at a new multiplex in Glyfada, with a friendly décor and a shopping friendly attitude for both kids and adults, welcomes the whole family along with their friends!


It is a carefully selected traffic safe spot, close to the center but away from the bustle and often "dangerous wheels". An all day relaxing place with  healthy & fit menu, fresh salads, delicious desserts and children's dishes using organic products from  Oliver’s garden.


Oliver, is known for his escape from the pirates and for the experience that he has gained from different parts of the world that has flown, organizes activities and thematic events so that parents and children can fill their daily lives with joy, creativity, color and taste!


So, the children can develop their talents and skills while their parents are near by and on the other hand they can calmly enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail with …… good friends.

Monday to Thursday:

08:30 to 10:00

Friday - Saturday:

08:30 to 11:00

09:00 to 10:00

 (+30) 210-89.86.066

Phone :

(+30) 210-89.86.021

Email @ Oliver :

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